Amity Finishing School (AFS) organizes Graduation Ceremony of the Students of the 3rd Batch

Posted at: 18 Apr 2019


Amity Finishing School (AFS) organized the Graduation Ceremony of the Students of the 3rd Batch pursuing the three months certificate course, today, at Amity University, Noida.

Amity Finishing School chisels and grooms the skills of students in various fields like Personality enhancement, Financial management, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Fashion, Hospitality management, Home management, Yoga, Personal Grooming and Gardening. Students are trained on topics such as achieving the optimal work life balance, fine dining, personal grooming and branding, personal presentation, health and wellness, leadership skills, effective communication and cross culture training. The unique curriculum helps at endowing individuals with self-reliance, confidence and empowerment in their personal and professional lives, while helping them identify their potential and creating a successful path for their future.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group stressed on the importance of soft skills, values and ethics in the life of the students. He averred that Amity Finishing School is still in its budding phase and will soon expand and develop at a rapid pace. “We have tried to give back to the society some fine and finished products through our Amity Finishing School”, he added.

Ms. Jaishree Chauhan, Vice-Chairperson, Amity Finishing School expressed her delight over the Amity Finishing School successfully completing its maiden year and a third batch passing out in the very first year. She averred that imbibing human values in our students has always been the prime concern of AFS. We want that all our graduating students must step forward and create a positive difference in the society.

Talking about her journey from failure to success, Eminent American writer and journalist, Ms. Sarah Hosseini told the students that “chasing the dreams that aren’t yours could be very disheartening, so you must be very clear in your mind, what you aspire to achieve in life. Don’t be afraid to fail, as every failure contains a cryptic message in it, which could guide you towards success. Always be restless and never let that child-like curiosity die within you.” She congratulated the students on their graduation and encouraged them to inspire several others with their personalities and persistently work for the betterment of the society and the nation.

Manya, a proud graduate of AFS, said that the past three months at the Amity Finishing School had made an indelible impact in her life, which she would always remain thankful. She apprised that the hectic schedules and busy life at college had not only made her mentally stronger but also groomed her personality in all aspects.

Zileni, another graduate from Zambia, said that her journey at Amity has transformed her from a shy and insecure girl to a confident girl aspiring to be a journalist. She apprised that being in a different country has made her more open to new cultures and beliefs and has given her a new outlook in life. “Learning Zumba, Ball dance, everyday communication skills, gardening and attending to grooming classes has transformed me completely. I now look forward for a better and secure future.”

Proud parents were mesmerized by seeing the change in their wards after the completion of the course and averred that this is a dream come true for them. Some students who wanted to contribute in their family businesses but didn’t know how to conduct themselves at home/workplace, prepared themselves thoroughly, for the upcoming challenges through this course. This course has helped them align their ideas with their actions.

Mr. and Mrs. Kattupalli, parents of Manya, expressed their gratitude to Amity Finishing School for making their ward more industry-ready and adding onto her skills.

Scientists, Scholars, HOI’s and HOD’s of various departments of Amity, faculty members, and students were present during the occasion.

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