Women Power - Not to find
herself but to create herself

Guess which is the best industry these days? Definitely, your mind might be sauntering in the corporate world, but let me tell you it’s none other than the industry of home makers that only a woman has the capability to manage it competently. Seriously, it’s one of the most fulfilling and rewarding industry and it has women in its leadership. Whether you call her a consultant, a caretaker, a manager or a CEO of this ubiquitous industry, she is a real role model and no one can feel or realize without coming under the wing of these women. So, don’t ever think women are a burden, but rather multitaskers like no other. Her persona and image is equally important for a bright future, be it’s about her or for her family.

The days are gone when a woman was only valued for marriage and household activities. Well, now, women are leading in most of the fields, be it a corporate world, education world, or in the world of business. They are no more less than a man. So, taking care of women ability and the capability to beat the impossibility into a possibility, Amity University has founded Amity Finishing School for all those beautiful out there who is looking forward to revamp their persona not only by image but also by their personality. The school helps in developing and transforming women into perfection by offering finishing school programs, including diploma, certificate, workshop and corporate sessions. This is the place where a woman can build their image in every sense- as a home maker or as a working woman. This program helps to make student a stronger multitasker while retaining their natural tendency to nurture.

AFS gives you a complete art of refinement and knowledge of carrying yourself as a perfect lady. Whether it’s about the social arena or the business world, our curriculum assists to build up your social etiquette. Learning how to carry yourself elegantly with gravitas and poise with colleagues, relatives, clients, and so on and be customary in the best and humble circles of people is what you take from AFS. The elegance and gracefulness of a perfect hostess, making her guests entertained; having the proper traits of social graces and leaving an impressive gesture, grooming and currying the body language, knowledge of proper dressing and international cuisines- everything is practiced here by practical learning and by doing it yourself activities to AFS students.

At AFS, the program has been especially patterned in a way that helps students to come out as perfectly poised women of substance, who have geared up to deal with every challenge that life bring out in their way. As a fully residential school in Amity University Campus of Noida, AFS foresees to endow womanhood all the way through lineament living. To support the concept of holistic improvement, AFS offers all the amenities required for the program under one roof. The healthy and friendly atmosphere simply adds to the ambience and will lead you through a conducive learning. It’s the place where you can perceive a branch of knowledge and understand the ‘power of approval’. It’s all here where you get a transparency to communicate that will leave you with self-confidence and outer polishes.

After all, a woman can’t be a lady unless she represents herself as a qualified lady.

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