Posted at: May 20 2018, 1:51 PM |


New Delhi, May 20 (UNI) Taking inspiration from age old traditional finishing schools of Switzerland, Amity University has launched “Amity Finishing School".

Amity Finishing School, a first-of-its-kind in India, will have personality transformation residential programmes for both men and women.

"We have started Amity Finishing School after analysing the need of current times. The emphasis is on overall transformation of an individual for which modules are built around personality enhancement, attitude building, physical health, mental health, defining career and training on day to day skills," said Jaishree Chauhan, Vice-Chairperson, Amity Finishing School.

"In today’s world of globalisation, international etiquette translates to better business opportunities and is a necessity for everyone. Plenty of people have degrees but very few people have the extra edge and confidence that we can equip them with at Amity Finishing School," said Ms Chauhan.

"We have taken inspiration from the Swiss Finishing Schools and imbibed the Amity’s ideals of Indian values and cultural excellence in launching the Amity Finishing School that meet the needs of todays’ time where men as well as women need grooming and training into deportment and social graces," said Ms Chauhan.

At Amity Finishing School, the curriculum involves working with the students over a period of time to ensure that they are ready to face the challenges of personal and professional lives with equal ease.

As every individual is different so are his/her needs, therefore, different program levels have been designed to groom them based on their requirements.

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