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Our goal is to help shape your child’s future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership in an entertaining environment. Our workshops are engaging and interactive. Participants will learn the power of etiquette, and how and why it is a valuable lifelong skill that works to their own benefit.

They will learn and practice leadership, social, dining and communication skills, which will enable them to feel comfortable and self-assured on any occasion.

Modules Offered:

Children are in their most impressionable stage during the early years of their lives. We have designed an activity based, roleplay etiquette and character building workshop specifically for them. The focus of the workshop is on respect, sharing, table manners and the "magic words".

With the Little Ambassadors program, youngsters will be polished and prepared to meet life’s social challenges and make a smoother transition into teen-hood. This confidence building program is a well-balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards with contemporary manners for the 21st Century.

Today’s children are bombarded daily, with peer pressure and messages that do not always reflect the values that are important to us. We work on guiding our children to develop their own personality and to continue to build their confidence, thinking skills and self-esteem.


  1. Course designed by Etiquette Expert Certified from London
  2. Experienced trainers, have trained over 5000 students on etiquette and soft skills
  3. Training in small groups to ensure 100% attention on each student

Summer Camps

A modern etiquette camp that gives children the confidence they need to succeed at home, school and even when they eventually enter the workplace. This 2 weeks camp will focus on polishing their leadership skills through modern etiquette and manners, such as creating great first impressions, confident conversations, greeting others and making introductions, technology tips, interview skills, being a great guest and host and so much more!