5 Reasons why etiquette needs to make a comeback.

Good behavior and manners are never out of style!

      In an era where not caring is considered cool- there are a few of us who are wonder-struck by the casual attitude towards the affair in hand. As a Millennial generation tends to be a lot more easy-going and open- even in terms of being polite and well-mannered. From waiting till everyone is served to holding doors for the opposite sex (or anyone) is now considered weird at times, even rude!

But as we come close to ending another decade very soon and another generation taking over (read: Generation Z, guys), we are in desperate need of some collective counseling for some good manners.

We think it is easier to get away with an “I’m running a little late” text message than putting effort to arrive on time. For us, it is “chill” if we take our friend’s friend’s friend to our BFF’s birthday. Screaming into the cell phones on public transport is something we all see every day. THAT one person who can be heard through our new boosted bass headphones, yes we are talking about you. Surely-

Chivalry is dead. Manners are dying.

Here are 5 reasons why etiquette needs to make a comeback and it needs to be done NOW.

    •    Etiquette helps make everyone’s day pleasant- We live in a constantly bitter society. With cribbing starting early morning in our lives almost every day, it wouldn’t hurt to be the one making everyone’s day a little better. Yes, hold that door. Yes, smile at that little girl. No, don’t post that on your timeline. Good.

A well-mannered person leaves a much better impression than someone who is rude or without manners. A small gesture can go a long way and may even make you feel accomplished and good about yourself. Everybody wins.

    •    Etiquette gives you a much better understanding of life- Believe it or not, etiquette helps you to be smarter. With good etiquette, people understand their mistakes and learn from them. This is a notably a positive approach as it doesn’t involve beating yourself up over your mistakes. Understanding you did something wrong, correcting your action, and moving on with a lesson is a sign of a smart human being and etiquette help you just do that.

Life is about constantly getting better and upgrading your skills. Learn from your mistakes, and move on to be a smarter person. It also helps provide a positive impact on the workplace and improves professional skills.

    •    Etiquette makes us more empathetic- We know, caring isn’t “cool”. But good etiquette shows care- which is key to having a long-lasting healthy relationship in life. As much as social media and our approach towards relationships make us feel we don’t care- we certainly should.

An empathetic person not only attracts kind energy, they radiate goodness. Someone who understands other people shows genuine compassion and care, listens, and helps people be better can be spotted from a mile. These are the kind of people that even in this rat-race world make it to the top. Every successful person you have heard about in life have one thing in common- good etiquette.

    •    Etiquette makes you more productive- In a world where watching 10 hours of Television to “binge-watch” a season is normal, our collective productivity has been rapidly declining.

Good manners, if pursued correctly are a great tool for enhancing productivity. They make you more grounded, accommodating, respectful, and mostly, better to work with.

A well mannered and well-spoken person gets almost 50% more opportunities than a person who is not well spoken. You can do the math here. Especially in a professional environment- corporate manners are considered a major part of everyone’s application and may even be the grounds for deciding your future.

    •    Stimulate feel-good factor- Etiquette is a great skill with a very high return on the investment. But other than the facts that they make you highly approachable, considerate, and a hundred other good things- the best part about having etiquette is the feeling of it.

At the end of the day, sleeping content knowing in your heart that you do not do people wrong, you are polite and well spoken, and people appreciate you can have a major impact on your well being. Good habits literally keep you healthy!

Few pointers to include-

    •    Be sincere and show respect

    •    Treat everyone the same

    •    Avoid derogatory language

    •    Keep a calm tone

    •    Do not interrupt

    •    Listen!

    •    Be courteous and thoughtful

At Amity Finishing Schools, we strive to prepare you early so that good manners can be established and a strong foundation can be placed as these habits will be equated to your competence in your future. If you are looking for etiquette classes in India, call us now.

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