Guide to Skin Care Regime

Taking caring of your skin care as is important as eating the right diet. With the current situation where everyone has time for themselves, it would be the right time to start your skin care regime to make it a part of your lifestyle. Few things to consider before you start your skincare regime:


  1. Skin type:  Before you start using any product please understand your skin type, knowing your skin type would help you by the product for yourself.
  2. Products: Well the choice of the product depends on individual choice which could be either Home-made or purchased via various online platforms or if you have your Derma recommendation all the way better for you.
  3. Steps in Skin care: It’s important to understand that in skin care the number of steps depends on what you aim to achieve. The basic Idea behind a skin care regime is to keep you skin healthy.
  4. Steps in Skin care: Steps in skin care ranges from 3 steps to 20 steps but you need not to worry as it’s always not necessary to follow a tedious skin care regime. The skin care regime depends on achieving healthy skin, availability of time and one’s daily routine.

Hence Amity Finishing School presents a basic guide to one’s skin care regimen which can be followed by anyone:

Step 1: Cleanser- Start offs you day with a suitable face wash of your choice to clean off the dirt and freshen off your face. Make sure your face wash is according to your skin type which would help you provide desirable result.  


Step 2: Toner- Our next step involve toning your face, make sure that when you purchase you tonner it should be free from any form of Alcoholic substance.


Step 3: Serum- You would find antioxidant serum in concentrated form which generally address a specific skin concern. One would find various serum in the market however one should aim to buy that one which provide variety of benefits.


Step 4: Moisturizer-The aim is to lock in the hydration of your skin and form a protective coating. Most expert recommends that the best time to apply the moisturize is when the skin in still damp, soon after your serum one could go ahead and apply moisturizer.


Step 5: Sunscreen- No matter how many steps you follow in your skin care regime, sunscreen remains the last and most important of all. Make sure you never skip this step even if you are inside your house.



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