Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it”. - Robert Frost


As goes the famous quote by a famous poet. Adding on to this, one would admit to the fact that the second biggest fear of people after death is none other than Public Speaking!



In every profession, at every step we go through a nerve wracking experience of facing public and more so of speaking in public. Not everyone is a born orator but the right amount of practice, preparation and content division can definitely help us in creating a lasting experience.


At Amity Finishing School, we encourage students to speak in public and develop their verbal communication. Hence, We bring to you a few tips with you which will help you become a  better and more impressive speaker.



Once you know your topic, you must invest time in brainstorming, collecting supporting details, data and facts. Get a fair idea about the mode of presentation be it PPT, Impromptu, extempore or an interactive session. Every presentation needs meticulous planning.


Know your Audience

Understanding the demographics of your audience helps a big deal as it streamlines your content, makes it more target specific and creates a mass appeal. The lack of audience analysis can land you in the toughest situations despite having the best content.



Start preparing for your presentation well in advance, collect data from reliable sources, compile and collate them according to your plan. Every good presentation must have a beginning, middle and an end. You must always give a good topic to the presentation which should be short, relevant and interesting. A nice way of beginning the presentation is by : Quoting someone, adding an anecdote, giving a startling fact or by simply using humor.



The Mantra to good a good performance is practice, practice and more practice. At Amity Finishing School, we conduct public speaking sessions by making students speak on the podium. Practicing in front of the mirror or video recording yourself helps in building confidence, knowing your follies and presenting more confidently.


Master your Non Verbal

We all understand that more than verbal, Non Verbal communication plays a role. Developing positive body language by maintaining eye contact, smiling, standing confidently, un-crossing of limbs, leaning the head forward, maintaining the right tone and pauses all help in becoming an impressive speaker.


Perform with confidence

The right amount of practice teamed with needful preparation adds to the existing confidence level of the speaker. However, you must always reach the venue before time, get acquainted with audience if possible, check the technical connections like projectors, pen drives etc, keep your notes handy, deep breathe and perform with a smile and confidence. If ever you fumble or forget on stage, do not panic or apologize at the first instance. Remember: Forget that you had forgotten and continue speaking with a smile. 

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