2020 was an epic year for everyone, the one that changed norms, set new protocols, gave new dimensions and a makeover to the age-old belief systems and practices. Both personally and professionally, we witnessed a sea change in mannerisms, mindsets and even working cultures for that matter. Along with sanitization and hygiene, technology and mask have become the two most indispensable tools in our lives. Speaking of which, Interview techniques have also changed. Most of the hiring takes place over video calls but there are a few organizations who stick to the one-one mode of interviewing keeping all norms of social distancing in mind. Here are a few tips which will help you master your interview even with a mask on:

  1. Look presentable: Mask or no mask, always look presentable, wear light makeup and stay well-groomed.
  2. No Brand flaunting: Interviews are not a place to flaunt your brands, that includes masks a swell, make sure your labels are removed.
  3. Suitable pattern and color: Choose a mask that matches with your attire and is plain, prints, cheques, characters are not considered appropriate for interviews.
  4. Right fabric: Any mask with a thick fabric hinders your communication, it muffles your sound and lowers your volume, so wear one with a thin fabric or material.
  5. Speak loud and Clear: Make sure that you speak clearly and loudly in order to avoid any misunderstanding
  6. Make an extra effort: Since most part of your face remains covered behind a mask, you need to voice modulate more. Focus on your intonation, pitch, stress and pauses.


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