Communication plays a major role in getting things done in the right way. Playing with information is considered strictly unethical. Written modes of communication are preferred over verbal communication as is it easier to keep a track of it for future reference.


Netiquette also called Internet Etiquette refers to a set of rules an individual should follow while communicating through emails, writing blogs, sharing views on online portals or any other online forum.


The rules of etiquette are just as important in cyberspace as they are in the real world—and the evidence of poor netiquette can stick around to haunt you for much longer.

  • Write self-explanatory e-mails.
  • Switch off your CAPS Lock Key. Writing in all capital letters is considered to be rude and loud.
  • Lengthy e-mails are seldom read. Be crisp.
  • Use formal greetings during official communication over mail.
  • Use your signatures at the end of the mail. It builds a sense of authenticity.
  • Keep all members related in the mailing chain, through CC (carbon copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).
  • Format your e-mails right. Use the correct font size and style.
  • Avoid using offensive language over the official mailing chain or online posts. It can quickly worsen the situation.
  • Try to be grammatically correct and sound. Use proper punctuations and spellings.
  • Reply to every e-mail received. BUT it is advisable not to reply back to every negative comment over social media as it formulates into an argument.
  • Respect people’s privacy.
  • Avoid attaching heavy files to your e-mails.
  • Don’t upload objectionable or personal (without other person’s approval) content over mail or social media.
  • For Social Media, if you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.
  • Don’t “Friend” and then “Unfriend” people.
  • Don’t repost without verifying the facts or figures.


At Amity Finishing School we believe that these are some important pointers to be kept in mind while creating your presence in the virtual world.


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