Wedding Bells Indian Wedding Etiquette

As the wedding season approaches the level of exhilaration no knew bound! With high spirits and joyous amount we all put our best foot forward with hand full of shopping bags looking for latest fashion and designer clothes. As fun as it seems it is indeed a tedious task but there is no fun without challenges.


Hence, Amity Finishing School brings out a small guide to understand Indian wedding and etiquette around it so that one not only enjoy the wedding season but also leave a remarkable impression.


Here Amity finishing School has gathered some basic yet essential tips to help you during the wedding season:





With wedding season being a joyous occasion every guest is welcomed with open arms.

Remember to respond to every greeting adorning your charming smile.

The etiquette suggests that if anyone greets you with ‘NAMASTE’ – Respond with both hands joined together with a slight bow.





In terms of clothes one could stick to the dress code given or mentioned.

In case of no dress code, one could always chose a lovely Sari as they are never out of fashion

Please avoid wearing short skirts or plunged neckline dresses because if one has to sit crossed legged on the floor will be difficult.






Bright colors at Indian wedding are adorned and appreciated.

Please avoid wearing all whites or all blacks as they signify different meaning in Indian cultural context.

But a combination of colors like whites with pink/golden or black with red/golden would be welcomed.





With this new trend of Gift registry, one could also opt for this method depending upon if the couple has registered for one.

As per the Etiquette, enduring gift items are preferred over temporary gift items.

One could always gift in cash but remember ending with numerical such as 101, 501,1001,5001 are considered auspicious. If confused may also use gift vouchers.





Food is very valued and personal aspect of the wedding. One should remember to enjoy the food and eat what they want but not waste it.

Restrain yourself to over-eating drinking making it look as if it was central idea to attend the wedding.

Buffet would entirely depend on your host religious context hence avoid making any food specific request to the server present.

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