Common mistakes to avoid while matching Footwear with dresses

Shoes are not only an important accessory but also play a vital role in your posture. It is something we can’t do with. Thus, selecting and matching them with an outfit becomes of utmost importance, as they have the power to make or break your outfit.


Common faux pas to avoid:

  • Peep-toes are NOT formal, do not wear them with formal wear.

  • Do not wear Suede if it has lost its original color due to dust or wearing off, even if it has cost you a bomb.

  • Figure out the difference between the original and a copy. The material and comfort say it all.

  • Don’t compromise on comfort.

  • Black is not the only color available, try something besides black too.

  • Do not wear stockings with Sandal Heels.

  • Consider weather as a very important factor in selecting footwear, like no uggs in summer.

  • Avoid whites during the monsoon.