Essential Corporate Etiquette Rules You Need To Know

Planning to rule the corporate world? Well, time to fill your pocket with basic manners and etiquette. Following corporate etiquette rules can bring forth a lot of happiness and can also give you a lead in a position that one had only dreamt of. To turn the charm on, here are a bunch of essential corporate rules that will help you get ahead in your field effectively and efficiently.

Your phone looks better in your pocket
The love we have for our smartphones is not hidden from the rest of the world. It is true that they share an important position in our life. However, it is advised to maintain a one arm's distance with your mobile phone while you are supposed to attend a meeting or are engaged in some kind of conversation. That might not only look a little rude, but noticeable as well. So, how about breaking up for a little while just for your own good?

Meet and Greet

It’s completely okay to greet people on your way, even if you know them or if you don’t. A little “hello” and a “good morning” would never hurt, does it? There are possible reasons that the person you said “hello” on the way grabs the seat just next to you in an important meeting. That is a mother of coincidence, but we live in the world of possibility where everything and anything is possible.

Punctuality is a great virtue, they say
For starters, the business world is definitely not a patient world and nobody likes to “wait”. So, the bright idea is to keep your clock ticking every minute before a meeting so that you don’t run late. Also, if there are slight chances for you to turn up late, all that is needed of you is to inform the member beforehand. Punctuality does not start and end on the time you reach the office. It goes way beyond. You should not only reach your office on time, but you should return from the lunch break just as punctually. Start your meetings on time, not fool around in the name of taking breaks. This does not imply that you should not take breaks at all. Rest yourself as and when you feel the need, but keep it under 10 minutes or so. Punctuality also means completing your work on time and being efficient at it.

A little decency never hurts

Decency is not only mandatory inside a meeting or in the workplace, but everywhere and to everyone. Staying sober in all the situations brings out the true colour of you in front of everyone else. Nobody wants to drink too much at office party and ruin the scene. Well, to avoid the unexpected, drink less and order the drink that you hate so that you don’t end up gobbling up too much of it. A better plan to follow up?

Manage your appearance

It is most of the times a hell-bent rule for one to dress in their formal clothing while appearing in front of the crowd and addressing your coworkers. Everyone has a desire to be taken up seriously in the workplace and hence, to get the same, it is important to maintain your attitude throughout. Dressing what the place demands is the key that can open all the necessary locks. Keep your clothes, formal to semi-formal and even the days when casuals are allowed, do not go overboard with the colour or the style. White, blue and light shades of any colour would look great and help you blend in.

Mind your tone

What you talk about and how you frame your sentences holds utmost importance. That will tell the other person of your manners and etiquette. If possible, keep your talks limited to the work. If you do get casual, keep your language clean and formal. Do not use slang and curse words in any instance. If you have trouble controlling yourself, practice it, even when not in the office. This way, you can get a hold on yourself from using unacceptable language.

No matter how casual you get, refrain from talking about politics and religion. You may have strong views about a movie's poor portrayal of a religion, but the office is not a right place to express it.

Do not interrupt

Never interrupt the person who is talking to you. You may have questions or doubts that you want to share, hold them back until the person has completed what they have to say. This goes for formal meetings as well. If you absolutely have to, do it politely, explaining your urgency to them.

Clean your own mess

Your management of your workspace reflects your personality in a way. Keep it clean and properly managed. It is your den, make it your own. Do not shy away from decorating it with your favorite things such as art and inspirational posters, but do not go overboard with that as well.

OK to look but don’t touch

Do not open or touch anyone else's belongings without their permission. Not even their lunch boxes. It is not cool at all. The same goes for your co-workers’ workspaces, tables and cabins. Peeping and sneaking around is crass.  Always ask for their permission.

Little fun doesn’t harm

Many times, we are done with the work well before the time and left with ample time on our hands. It is okay to go out and about and/or indulge in friendly chatter with others around you. But try to keep them hushed so as to not disturb others. The best option would be to indulge yourself in creative and refreshing activities like reading and writing.

These are a few essential manners to keep in mind if you want to be the apple of everyone’s else’s eye. Well, there is nothing wrong with that too. A tiny bonjour and merci can spread the magic for you. However, make sure to use them at suitable times only.

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