French-inspired Wardrobe Management Tips- Bon chic, Bon genre!


         There is a reason why Brigitte Trogneux, 64, the wife of the new French president, 39 has millions of Google results. She just looks magnifique at her age. We all seem to covet how French women are impeccably in a sartorial league of their own, products that populate their vanities and try our hardest to replicate them. Well, French fashion is indeed masterful but is surely obtainable by learning some useful wardrobe tips.

So, here are some awesome wardrobe tips to nail that I-was-born-fashionista look-

Maximize Small Space

Evaluate every inch of a small closet to make the most out of the limited space. You can opt for over-the-door storage, which can be used to keep accessories, shoes, and out-of-season clothes. You can also keep small baskets and bins for grab-and-go items like underclothes, socks, handkerchiefs etc.

Group Like with Like

Keep similar items together such as- jeans with jeans, shirts with shirts etc. Same size items stack better and give out a neater look-nay, brilliant look. Also, put clothes you use the most in the centre at eye level.

Out With the Old

Yes, you may have a lot of memories attached to the jacket your mother gifted you, but if it's been downpour with wear and tear, then it is best to free up some room in your wardrobe by moving it from there. Keep the old and worn out clothes, accessories separate, as they eat up unnecessary space in the wardrobe. You can also donate or alter them.

Pick your favorite

Do you have two dresses that look almost similar and you do not wear either of them for years? Look for a reason to get rid of at least one of them.

Downgrade your wardrobe

We all have that one piece of clothing that we plan on wearing to an occasion but haven't really worn it in years. If that occasion hasn’t happened in the past year, chances are it’s not going to happen anytime soon. So, get rid of it and make room for the useful stuff.

Use hangers

Hanging up clothes inside a closet is an easy way to keep clothing organized, especially if you have a lot of dress clothes, suits, or dresses. You can also organize garments by category and separate with hanging labels. For example, subdivide your dresses into long and short, or casual and dressy.

Gift-boxes, hat boxes, and hooks for accessories

Store your accessories in gift boxes or hat boxes for a convenient, top-shelf storage option. Whether you need a place for scarves, hats, ornaments or other smaller items, these boxes provide the perfect sized space and help keep little accessories in their place and out of the way. Hooks on the door are also a convenient option for hanging scarves, jackets, handbags etc.

Laundry Sorter

Place a laundry basket in your closet and place hooks on the back wall of your closets, right above the basket. Now hang some bags on these hooks, with tags for different clothes- delicate, undergarments etc. Rather than tossing everything into one basket, use the bags for sorting different garments. Ready to wash!!

Solution for shoes

Here's a smart strategy to store your shoes! Keep the shoes you wear on a regular basis on accessible shelves. Keep the special-occasion shoes separately in plastic boxes on the top shelves.


If you have a number of storage boxes in your wardrobe, and you get confused every time you try to find something, place tags on each of these boxes to make the task easier. Label each box with specific tag- socks, ties, under clothes etc.

In all, effective wardrobe management helps you create and maintain an attractive, healthy self-image.

Where to learn Wardrobe Management?   Amity Finishing School brings you Wardrobe Management as a part of program where you can learn about-



             •           Clothing assessment

            •           Coordinating your style for personal or professional or personal looks

            •           Understanding of fabrics

            •           Fit and quality of fabrics

            •           Colour combinations

            •           Personality style

            •           Eyewear- colours, shapes and styles

            •           Understanding Accessories

            •           Body shape and types

            •           Lingerie Analysis

            •           Wardrobe essentials for different seasons and occasions

            •           Ways to work within your budget gracefully

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll for the course today. A well-managed wardrobe does not only look good but also eases up your everyday struggle of finding/managing clothes and accessories. It can save you time, money, and can make you look far more stylish and put-together.

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