Traits Of Global Etiquette Personality For Any Culture Each country has difference in terms of language, food, culture, beliefs and much more. But then, when we say “social etiquette”, there should not be a difference as it’s all about building relationship with other people. More of all, it’s about representing yourself as a perfect personality as this is what is developed over the years and so it’s very essential to make sure that you have all the positive traits in yourself. After all, your personality defines your importance as a person in the social and professional circles. TheEtiquette is not about rules and regulations that one must follow it strictly, but to a certain extent, it’s all about offering basic traits of social comfort and this is only possible through better communication. It’s also the fact that etiquette brings up to the cultural rules of thumb for what is appropriate or inappropriate and mannered or ill-mannered. It gives a grace, elegance and delicacy, which are uniquely altered from one culture to another. Doesn’t matter if the style and furors of etiquettes vary, as the global etiquette basics remain always the same. Those were the days when your skills and experience took you to lead in your career. But now having skills and knowledge is not enough to grab a job, you should also have the social grace and protocol to create an expansion in your career globally. To stand out as one in a crowd today, you must have refinement, elegance, good manners and how to carry yourself socially. You can’t have those leadership traits in you, unless you’ve the presence of social etiquette in you and this is what Amity Finishing School offers to enhance the elegance of student by providing the best curriculum training on body language and personality. This program helps you to master the key life skills that show the way of success in your personal and professional self-confidence. Awarded as one of the top ranking universities by QS, Amity has stepped ahead to add the wow factor in AFS students by offering the best finishing programs including diploma, certificates, workshop and corporate sessions. This school is basically a modern-day finishing school, which is initially for women, who looks forward to create positive and lasting impressions- self comfort in social and business world globally- and enhance their personal brands for personal and professional triumph. From fine dining to dealing with clients, from social etiquette to business etiquette, from international cuisines to public speaking, from image building to personality development- everything you can learn under the programs of AFS. At AFS, we are pleased to teach our students, “the art of good manners” that have been so far ignored, “the art of entertaining someone” that will make you learn the proper way to introduce yourself, and “the international protocol”. This program will groom you with personal branding, international protocol, European etiquette and Indian values. All of the above, your etiquette and good manners are not just the actions- they are actually an attitude that relates to your self-assurance globally.

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