Guess which is the best industry these days? Definitely, your mind might be sauntering in the corporate world, but let me tell you it’s none other than the industry of home makers that only a woman has the capability to manage it competently. Seriously, it’s one of the most fulfilling and rewarding industry and it has women in its leadership. Whether you call her a consultant, a caretaker, a manager or a CEO of this ubiquitous industry, she is a real role model and no one can feel or realize without coming under the wing of these women. So, don’t ever think women are a burden, but rather multitaskers like no other. Her persona and image is equally important for a bright future, be it’s about her or for her family.


The days are gone when a woman was only valued for marriage and household activities. Well, now, women are leading in most of the fields, be it a corporate world, education world, or in the world of business. They are no more less than a man. So, taking care of women ability and the capability to beat the impossibility into a possibility, Amity University has founded Amity Finishing School for all those beautiful out there who is looking forward to revamp their persona not only by image but also by their personality. The school helps in developing and transforming women into perfection by offering finishing school programs, including diploma, certificate, workshop and corporate sessions. This is the place where a woman can build their image in every sense- as a home maker or as a working woman. This program helps to make student a stronger multitasker while retaining their natural tendency to nurture.

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